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Data Security Application Development

We are Integration partner of Gemalto Thales .

2Factor Authentication

Our Product will provide one more layer of security to access the device or Application.

We can integrate solution by using the below protocol:

  • Radius Protocol
  • SAML Protocol
  • API based Integration for (Java, .Net application)
  • Agent Based Integration for Windows logon, IIS Server and Linux SSH
  • Develop 2FA and Multifactor authentication for our various Application
  • Integrate Gemalto Multifactor solution in various Client Application

Key Management Solution

We can help u to provide centralised management for Keys and Certificate.

Key feature of the product is given below:

  • DB encryption
  • Digital Singing
  • File Server Protection
  • Virtualization Protection

HSM Integration with Various Blockchain based Application

Hardware security module (HSM) for protecting sensitive data and associated keys for blockchain systems using distributed ledger technology (DLT) and wallets


  • Secures sensitive identity; keys and data used in blockchain-based distributed computing platforms.
  • HSM provides unrivalled key generation and protection for Blockchain specific elliptic curves.

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