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Ethereum Blockchain Development Services

All-inclusive Ethereum Blockchain development services and solutions to build robust blockchain powered decentralized applications on Ethereum platform.

Our Expertise in Ethereum Blockchain Development

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform which is configured for smart contract and decentralized application development

Ethereum Blockchain Development Services

DApp Development

We are expertise at developing decentralized application in the Ethereum blockchain platform, with trustless protocols on a peer-to-peer network.

Tokens Development

We develop custom ERC20 tokens with features like Mintable, Burnable, Upgradable, Haltable and Transferable in the smart contract of your ERC20 Token.

Smart Contract Development

Smart contract is the key functionality of ethereum platform and we are specialized in developing effective smart contract embedded with rules and agreement terms.

Ethereum App Consulting Services

Being expertise at blockchain platforms, our Ethereum blockchain consultants will assist you in identifying the best Ethereum DApp solution that meets your business needs.

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Our Ethereum Blockchain Development Experience

Ethereum Project #1

Private-Ethereum-Blockchain-Setup with Clique Consensus

Setup Private ethereum Blockchain with Secure Validator Nodes and Integrated with MetaMask. .

Project Highlights

Initialize bootnode
Blockchain initialized through puppeth, assigning minimum 2 validation nodes upto any no of Validator Node.
Separate datadirs for nodes with key folder and password on file in the folder.
Genesis file digitally signed for better security.
Node created to integrate with Metamask /Etherdelta.

Ethereum Project #2

Security Token Development for USA Market

The KYC or AML process is now standard practice for any legitimate ICO looking to raise funds. These processes not only benefit the project implementing them but also help to protect those with interest within the project. Apart from KYC/AML It validates Accreditation status of Investor like Rea RegD, RegA+ as per USA Securities Law and accordingly it allows for Investment.

Project Highlights

Token supports KYC/AML Identity Verification.
Issuer can create various type of ICO for different type of investor like Regs, RegD or RegsRegD .
Token Lock period can be decided during distribution.
Ownership of ICO can be changed at runtime.
Token can be peg to Dollar

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